Under the auspices of the Brčko District of B&H Government and organized by the Association of Accountants, Forensics and Auditors of BD of B&H, we organize the second Brčko District of B&H Business Forum which will be held from 6th to 9th of November 2018. The topic of the Forum is: New Development Cycle.

The Business Forum will be held at the premises of Hotel Jelena. Registration of participants starts on September 7, 2018 and will last till November 1, 2018.

The Forum’s vision is to enable contacts between local and foreign businessmen, companies and investors with a goal to realize their ideas and to improve business ambient of the Brčko District of B&H.

The Forum’s mission is to gather the largest possible number of respectable participants – representatives of the BD of B&H authorities, academia, state officials, diplomatic personnel, chambers of commerce, businessmen, farmers and investors.

The Guiding concept of the Brčko Business Forum is to foster the link between relevant participants and thus demonstrate the concept of the new development cycle of BD of B&H, which is to rest upon the system of partnership between the governmental institutions, economic sector and tertiary education with the purpose of economic development of the Brčko District of B&H.

The Primary goal is to make this Forum a traditionally recognizable place and important business and investment event taking place in the region for dissemination of knowledge and business ideas through dialogues, discussions and exchange of opinions.

The wish of the Organizational Board is that strengthening of the private sector, stimulating entrepreneurship, improving competitiveness, application of modern technologies, better integration into globalization process, attracting quality investors, become the primary conclusions of this Business Forum, so that it could earn the epithet of an investment forum in the future.